Pediatric or Children’s Dentistry

Pediatric or Children’s Dentistry

Lonsdale Place Dental - Pediatric Dentistry

Lonsdale Place Dental – North Vancouver

Our goal is to create a fun-filled and stress-free environment for your children. At Lonsdale Place Dental our young patients will experience quality dental care with minimum discomfort. At your first visit to your North Vancouver dentist we will show our equipment to our patient, offer Oral Hygiene Instruction and Dietary Consultation and a dental check-up. For older children taking x-rays might be necessary.

For our young patients we perform fillings, root canals (Pulpotomy), extractions (pulling teeth), cleaning, fissure sealants and place space maintainers when necessary.

What is a space maintainer?

When a primary or baby tooth is removed before its time to fall, the adjacent teeth will move to the space that was occupied by the baby tooth, and later when it is time for the permanent tooth to erupt, it will not have enough space. Space maintainers are Stainless steel appliances that are cemented on the remaining teeth to maintain the space for the permanent tooth and will be removed once the permanent tooth starts to erupt.